the Bible on Border Security

The subject of our borders is becoming an increasingly important topic to discuss. We have been praying daily for years for the peace of Israel and the protection of their borders. Today we are in division in our own country concerning the borders of the United States.

US Mexico Border

We as a country have the right to protect and the responsibility to establish secure borders and have others respect them. If you read Deuteronomy Chapter 1 -2 you will find the Israelites were expected to respect those borders.

In Numbers Chapter 20 the Israelites were required to ask for permission to pass through the land of Edom. In Genesis Chapter 12 Abraham traveled to Egypt and wanted to live there, so he lied about his wife Sarah being his wife.

When Pharaoh found out he had lied to him, he had Abraham sent back to Canaan, which today would be called 'being deported.' We can refuse to allow any citizen from another country from entering the United States if we choose.

But remember also in reading the scriptures we must read them all. In Leviticus 19:33-34 it does clearing state when a stranger resides with you, you shall love him as yourself. This is speaking of a foreigner who has gone through the legal process of becoming a legal citizen.

In conclusion, we would ask each of you to pray for our borders, for the safety of our country, and the safety of all the immigrants as they are told they cannot come into our country.  Pray for all of our border patrol, national guard, and our president to do that which is right according to the word of the God.