The Ministry 

The Name Spirit Led Ministries was a name inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Founders are the ordained Seers of the Lord, Roy and Debbie Jimenez. By the anointing, grace, and mercy of our Heavenly Father is this website made possible.

Roy & Debra Jimenez

Greetings, the desire is that you be blessed and receive a personal touch directly from the master’s hand. May the Lord open the eyes of your heart and give you the ability to receive all that He has made available to you in Christ Jesus. There is nothing the Lord will not do for those that believe and trust in Him.

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God.
— Romans 8:14

Roy and Debbie began their journey together over thirty years ago. With a bible and a promise from God they surrendered their hearts to seek what He had mapped out for their future in Him. Radical changes took place as they stepped out on faith. Their lives have not been the same since. Many testimonies have been birthed through all these years of being sanctified and purified in this ministry. Compassion, love, and integrity reflect their character. Loyalty to prayer, intercession and worship transpires the touch of His greatness. Through the power of the Spirit they speak wisdom, knowledge and have revelation of scripture by the same spirit.

They have been blessed with gifted children Becky, Brenda, and Ronnie, their spouses and four precious grandchildren. Christ is the center focus in their children’s lives. It is a blessing to witness them living out a spiritual inheritance from the seed their parents have sown. A seed they purposely planted on sacred soil, cultivated with a price of patience, it yielded a gracious legacy of divine favor.

To this day they are established in solid foundational ministry, consumed with Holy Ghost fire, declaring a prosperous life in Christ as they fullfill their destiny.