Biblical use for consecration, prayer, healing & worship

God because the words anoint, anointed, and anointing appear in more than 150 Spirit-inspired Bible verses, including 22 New Testament Scriptures. Indeed, the English word anoint derives from the ancient Latin inunctus, meaning “smear with oil.”

To be “anointed” is, among other things, to be made sacred (consecrated); to be set apart and dedicated to serve God; to be endowed with enabling gifts and grace; to be divinely designated, inaugurated, or chosen for some purpose. We know this subject is important to 

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Abba Oil strives to use the finest olive oil from Israel and the purest resins, gums, spices and herbs available in the production of their anointing oils. They aim to serve and undergird ministries and individuals throughout the world who use anointing oil in worship and in prayer for healing, deliverance, consecration, and dedication. Scriptures and prayers are provided with each product to encourage and instruct the user.