Prayer for Israel


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As I was praising the Lord in church on Sunday, the Lord spoke to me concerning Israel.  I heard it so clear in my spirit to pray for Israel. The Lord then gave me the instructions on what to pray and told me to write it down.

So, As the Lord was giving me the instructions on praying for Israel, I began to write it down. After The Lord had completed giving me the instructions on what to pray for Israel, He began to speak to me what He would do for my family.

The Lord spoke to me and said, “Tell the people what they make happen for Israel I will make happen for them.” I then heard in my spirit what He would do for us as we prayed for Israel, instructing me to write it down.

I am sending this to you so you can pray for Israel, trusting the Lord to take care of you and your family. Of course, be Led by the Holy Spirit as you pray.


  • Healing to our family
  • No death before God’s time
  • Peace unto us
  • Protect our home & properties
  • Bless and prosper us, allowing everything we do to prosper


  • Heal their land
  • No death shall come to any in Israel (by the enemy)
  • Peace upon Jerusalem
  • Protect their borders
  • Bless and prosper them


Three days after the Lord had given me these instructions, while I was in prayer in the morning He showed me what would happen when the land was healed. Israel would have plenty of crops, cattle, and oil (yes, even crude oil) to support them so they would not have to depend on any nation to help them, as they would be so very blessed above what we could imagine.

Be blessed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Love Debbie